“I want to see women live full, joyful, present lives—a gift both to them and those around them.”

The women I know are always giving—to their family, to their friends, in their careers, to causes they care about, to their places of worship, to those in need. By nature women are nurturers. But often we can do a not-so-great job of nurturing ourselves as we put others first. There’s nothing wrong with giving, but as the saying goes “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Maybe you can relate to that feeling of always giving. You have meaningful work you want to pour yourself into, but right now you’re feeling worn out and empty. And what you’re really craving is a little rest, refueling and self-care. If that seems impossible, I just want to encourage you that with some intentionality, it is possible!

Unfortunately I’m no stranger to burnout. I know what it is to be utterly exhausted to the point where you crumble into tears over an expired carton of milk. It’s ok. :) Let’s just say I had to learn the hard way that something was missing from my life. (You can read my full story here.)

What I discovered, among other things, was that I needed an outlet which helped me to slow down and poured back into me. A gift that I could give to myself when life felt overwhelming and I needed to escape for a breath of fresh air. If you’re nodding right now, know I’ve thought of you. Because I knew that surely I could not be alone in my struggle.

After recovering from my own experience with burnout, I wanted to see other women also live full, joyful, present lives—a gift both to them and those around them. My passion to see this purposeful living birthed in others, coupled with my love of creating, ultimately gave me the vision to develop embroidery craft kits that could be used as tools for self-care.

That’s why I’m here, and I’m so glad that you’re here too. My whole goal in the the craft kits and patterns I create is to invite women who struggle to make time for themselves to slow down and enjoy some creative self-care. Take time to pause. Pick up needle and thread. Make something beautiful. Maybe all you’ve got is 20 minutes before bed, but it’s a start.

My kit designs are inspired by life’s simple joys and beauty which is hidden in the ordinary—a hot cup of tea, the pattern on blue jay feather, varied shapes and hues of spring leaves, the texture of Queen Anne’s Lace, the sweet taste of honey… These details are easy to miss and hard to appreciate, when we are moving too fast too often. I make sketches of these gifts as I discover them and they often find their way into my watercolor paintings and digital illustrations. Later I will print these illustrations on the fabric which is featured in my embroidery kits for others to enjoy.

Embroidery is by nature a slow craft. Ideal for quieting your mind, the rhythm of stitching has a soothing and meditative quality to it, which is why I love offering it in a craft kit. Despite what people might think, embroidery is easy to learn and versatile in many contemporary applications. But one of the things I love best about embroidery is how portable and easy it is to store. So pulling it out to work on for even 15 or 20 minutes as you can spare it is totally doable. And when you’re finished with your embroidered art, it can be enjoyed in a number of ways, from framed art to a pillow or even a scented sachet.

So whether you are stopping by to learn more about me and what I do, find encouragement on my blog, browse my work or just say hi, I invite you to explore and hope you come away refreshed, inspired and encouraged!

More about me
Born and raised in New Jersey, I consider myself a mixed media artist due to my love of so many different artistic mediums. After getting a BA in Commercial Design and working for 10 years as a graphic designer, I began to get an itch to step away from my computer and create more with my hands. So began my return to the fine arts and particularly an exploration of paint and hand embroidery. At the same time, in my work life, I transitioned into a project management role in ministry which allowed me to focus the bulk of my creative energy on my own projects. In 2015 I launched out on my own to begin building a handmade business in an effort to serve busy women who struggled to make time for themselves by inviting them to engage in a creative outlet as a means of self-care.

I currently reside in New Jersey with my husband, and still love to work with my hands. In addition to the creative work in my business, I enjoy cooking, gardening, loving on my nieces and nephews, as well as reading and getting outside to hike or bike.

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