Detached Chain Stitch (Lazy Daisy Stitch)

The detached chain stitch, aka the lazy daisy stitch, is a simple teardrop shaped stitch that looks like a single flower petal. It is also the basic building block of the chain stitch.

Chain Stitch

A series of teardrop shaped stitches, the chain stitch can be used in lines or in filling shapes.


Open Chain Stitch

Similar to the chain stitch, the open chain stitch has a wider loop which leads to the stitches being more square than teardrop shaped.

Fly Stitch (or Detached Fly Stitch)

The fly stitch is a v-shaped stitch where the point is tacked down with a small stitch. Alternatively the stitch at the point can be elongated to make a y-shape for a fly stitch with a longer tail.



Blanket or Buttonhole Stitch

The blanket and buttonhole stitch have the same basic look, although they were created with different functions (reinforcing blanket edges or reinforcing buttonholes). I’m using the name interchangeably here since this is merely a decorative stitch.