Woven Picot Stitch

You'll need an additional needle or straight pin for the woven picot stitch plus a nice long piece of thread so you can weave the entire picot in one shot. It takes some practice to, but overall is easier than it might appear.


Spider Wheel Rose Stitch

Using five spokes, the spider wheel rose gets its name from the weaving of thread under and over each of the spokes to create a rose shape. Don’t worry - it’s easier than it looks!

Woven Wheel Stitch

Unlike the spider wheel rose stitch, you are always weaving in the same direction for the woven wheel stitch. This creates a look a bit like a spider web.


Tips for Tackling a Large Spider Wheel Rose

While I prefer to stitch a spider wheel rose with one long piece of thread, it can get a bit unwieldy when I'm stitching a larger rose. Here are some tips for how to pick up with a new length of thread in the middle of weaving and keep your threads in place.