If you're new to hand embroidery, welcome! Hand embroidery is a beautiful craft with a rich history, and I love that it's a creative outlet that can be worked on during the brief quiet moments of a week. It’s easy to learn, very portable, won't require a huge financial investment, and packs away without a lot of fuss. Plus you won’t need an entire room to store your supplies! ;)

Below I've shared a bit of background about the materials used in hand embroidery, as well as demonstrated each stitch featured in my Herbal Tea stitch sampler, which you can get for free when you subscribe to my newsletter.

For instructions on how to finish the back of your embroidery hoop art, check out this article.

The Running Stitch

The Back Stitch

The Stem Stitch

The Fern Stitch

The Split Stitch

The Satin Stitch

The French Knot

The Straight Stitch

The Lazy Daisy Stitch (or Detached Chain Stitch)

The Chain Stitch

The Spider Wheel Rose Stitch